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Excerpt from Foreclosure Radar Report, February 2011

Foreclosure Filings Drop in CaliforniaForeclosure activity slowed significantly across the board in February with filings down in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Foreclosure sales saw a similar deep dip throughout our coverage area, a dramatic about face from the surge in sales seen in January. The declines are only partly due to February having fewer filing and trustee sale days than January, two fewer days in California and one less day in our other covered states. Despite the drop in foreclosure sales back to the bank, Bank Owned Inventories were mostly flat, suggesting that fewer REOs were resold during the month.

"Foreclosure filings dropped to low levels not seen in quite awhile," says Sean O'Toole, CEO and Founder of ForeclosureRadar.com. "We will likely see more sluggish foreclosure activity in the months ahead while lenders continue to work through lingering concerns over foreclosure documentation and deal with process changes."

Foreclosure filings in California dropped to levels not seen since late 2008 when governmental intervention temporarily slowed the foreclosure filing process. Notice of Default filings dropped 12.8 percent month-over-month and Notice of Trustee Sale filings fell 12.5 percent from the prior month. The foreclosure filing percentage decreases are more moderate when adjusted on an average daily basis due to the fewer filing and trustee sale days in February with a 3.1 percent drop for Notice of Default filings and a 2.8 percent decline for Notice of Trustee Sale filings. On a year-over-year basis foreclosure filings were down as well, with Notice of Default filings down 29.6 percent and Notice of Trustee Sale filings falling 17.0 percent from February 2010. Activity on the courthouse steps slowed with fewer sales leading to a 24.5 percent decrease in sales Back to Bank and a 20.3 percent drop in properties purchased by Third Parties, typically investors. For the first time, Third Party investors saw a drop in the average Time to Resell a property, down 3.1 percent to 156 days.

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